Here are 294 recent testimonials from our satisfied customers:

Michael Meyer (Herndon, VA) - 06/15/2016
Our party was THE BEST!

TC Conway (Reston, VA) - 06/13/2016
The host made everything effortless.

Our host was exceptional!!

Melissa Townshend (Chantilly, VA) - 05/31/2016
Well run, got to play just with our party and not other groups, fun environment, easy location.

Jennifer was fabulous - so good with the kids and helpful during the party.

The party package was great.

Kevin Arunski (Sterling, VA) - 04/12/2016
We have played here before, so we decided to host a birthday party here.

The reservation process was good. And everything about the party was G-R-E-A-T!

Sonia Tasneem (Potomac Falls, VA) - 04/11/2016
My child and his friends love the Laser Nation arena compared to the other ones.

I was very happy with the friendliness and availability of the party host.

Lisa Riello-Jones (Bristow, VA) - 04/04/2016
Everything was right there- party room, laser tag, and arcade! Lots of fun for everyone!

Carmen did a great job with our party!

Cristy Goff (Bristow, VA) - 10/22/2015
The laser tag is the best!

Pamela was terrific.

Susan Vanderlyn (Ashburn, VA) - 10/19/2015
Easy for party mom, and kids enjoyed the birthday party!

Jennifer was a great hostess.

Rekha Raghuram (Herndon, VA) - 10/12/2015
My child wanted his birthday party at Laser Nation!

Michelle Jackson (Leesburg, VA) - 10/09/2015
Fun time and well organized. It's nice to have a room as a meeting point.

Jennifer Hernandez and her manager were both great!

Yukari Evans (Herndon, VA) - 09/28/2015
Easy to have a good party here and the kids enjoy. Reasonable prices.

Our party host, Jennifer Hernandez, was very attentive and nice!

Naghmeh Tebyanain (Vienna, VA) - 09/27/2015
The kids loved the laser tag games.

Gerald Freeman (Herndon, VA) - 09/23/2015
He wanted a laser tag party and your business is close to our house in Herndon.

I liked the convenience and price.

It was a great party

Ellen Aschenbrenner (Herndon, VA) - 05/10/2015
We like Laser Nation because it's close by, and the kids always have fun with the laser tag and arcade games.

The staff is all very good, and we have only had good experiences here.

Raymond Merrill (Reston, VA) - 05/10/2015
Laser Nation is really fun because it has such a great laser tag arena. A two-level labyrinth!

The birthday party package was great, I wouldn't change a thing.

Adriana Grard (Sterling, VA) - 04/28/2015
We loved the relaxed atmosphere, and the fact that parents could join in on the fun. The hostess helping was a nice bonus - especially with such a dependable one like Maddie.

Truly, Maddie was an awesome hostess, she offered her help every step of the way without being too pushy about it. I could not have had a better party hostess. She was just simply amazing, and when I have another party here, I will try to go when she is on duty. Please extend my thanks to her one more time, and wish her the best of luck!

Kelly Doyle (Ashburn, VA) - 04/27/2015
The games of laser tag were super fun... the kids really enjoyed that experience.

Our party host was very nice and attentive.

Joanna Barnett (Leesburg, VA) - 03/30/2015
I liked the convenience of having a birthday party at Laser Nation.

Our hostess Pamela was great.

Michelle Rives (Herndon, VA) - 03/23/2015
It was nice having a birthday party here, because it keeps the party out of my house

EVERY employee we encountered was awesome. They were helpful, friendly, and prompt. They are GREAT folks!

I will have more parties here. Thanks! Keep the great staff, because that is what makes the difference!

Santosh Chiplunkar (Ashburn, VA) - 03/22/2015
We had a lot of fun, and had a great experience

The hostess who helped us was awesome.

Kristen Wilson (Vienna, VA) - 03/18/2015
I like that Laser Nation is open on school holidays, so the kids can play when out of class, and the prices are very reasonable. Sierra was a great host for my son's birthday party.

Kelly Ferrell (Sterling, VA) - 03/08/2015
Our host Maddie, and George, the manager on duty, were both exceedingly helpful.

Thanks for making the party a great success.

Amanda Surface (Centreville, VA) - 02/23/2015
Very good value for a birthday party.

The staff was very friendly, both one the phone, and in person at the store.

Krista Giunchi (Vienna, VA) - 02/14/2015
I liked the low cost of the birthday party packages.

Lindsay Sorg (Sterling, VA) - 02/08/2015
Liked that the room comes already set up and you can have the food already there waiting for you, so if I wanted to buy my cake from you guys, I could literally come empty-handed and have you guys do everything. This was the easiest party I have thrown yet!

Everything ran smoothly and they were extremely accommodating and helpful.

Sarah Cower (Purcellville, VA) - 02/03/2015
George was very nice!

Subash John (Sterling, VA) - 01/30/2015
Kids had fun, and was good not to cleanup!

Our hostess Ashley was good.

Sheryl Ligon (Sterling, VA) - 01/28/2015
Party area is very nice and well thought out. Always enough room and the coat hangers are a nice touch.

Wish we could remember the name of the party host--he was fantastic. In fact everyone was very professional and pleasant to work with.

Mattrice Williamson (Herndon, VA) - 12/10/2014
George the manager and Derek the party host gave us exceptional service.

Roger Chatell (Sterling, VA) - 12/10/2014
My son wanted laser tag for his birthday party. It turned out great!

The laser tag was incredible.

Our party host was great. Off the top of my head, I believe his name was Taj.

You have a very marketable product, and very affordable. Other less exciting venues charge much more... don't change it. My son and I had a great time. Between 3 children, this was the 33rd birthday party I've been a dad for, and this was the best of all of them!

Celia Fremberg (Herndon, VA) - 12/02/2014
My child enjoys playing the game with her friends.

Nancy Walker De Llanas (Sterling, VA) - 11/30/2014
It was easy and fun!

Lisa Tyler (Leesburg, VA) - 11/21/2014
We received exceptional service!

Kristie Kim (Great Falls, VA) - 11/17/2014
Kids had a blast!

Michelle Jackson (Leesburg, VA) - 11/07/2014
My daughter wanted lazer tag and this was the location closest to Leesburg, Va.

The kids had a great time so we were very satisfied and the staff was very good!

Very organized and well done and fun! The services provided - staff, organization, the actual lazer play - were all fabulous!!

Ashley was are hostess and she did a fantastic job! She was friendly and kept things moving and was very nice to everyone.

We would definitely book another party here...

Julie Peterson (Mc Lean, VA) - 10/26/2014
My son said it had the best "maze" for game play.

Good value, well organized, polite staff. At another laser tag place, we received strong arm tactics regarding the tip at the end of the party. Your location was very polite about tips: suggesting a tip, but saying it was optional.

Cynthia Henriquez (Herndon, VA) - 10/22/2014
My son had been to a party there before and wanted his there.

The cost was reasonable.

I would recommend a party at Laser Nation.

Leslie Hutchinson (Herndon, VA) - 10/20/2014
My daughter really loves Laser Tag and had been asking me to have her birthday party there.

It was the BEST!

Cristy Goff (Bristow, VA) - 10/15/2014
The birthday boy requested his party at Laser Nation!

You guys have the best arena in the area.

Our party hostess Abby was wonderful and the manager Samantha was terrific as well.

Janet Geib (Sterling, VA) - 10/14/2014
Rosa did a great job as our party host.

Marta Koev (Centreville, VA) - 10/06/2014
I would recommend a birthday party celebration at Laser Nation.

Susan Vanderlyn (Ashburn, VA) - 09/30/2014
My children loved the arena. They usually attend parties at Panther and enjoyed the added dimension in this arena. One of the guests already told his Mom he wants to have his party here. They also commented that the equipment seemed much better than the last time they were there several years ago.

Lorena Dominguez (Sterling, VA) - 09/22/2014
Laser Nation is the best!

Sue Chan (Vienna, VA) - 09/15/2014
I would recommend Laser Nation to my friends for a birthday party.

Michele Verity (Great Falls, VA) - 09/09/2014
Our party was the BEST!

Yukari Evans (Herndon, VA) - 09/07/2014
Good price point, location, party room size.

David Migdal (Knoxville, MD) - 09/07/2014
Our host was the best! She did everything to make the party great.

Amanda Fremd (sterling, VA) - 09/06/2014
My son had the best time!

Rosa was great and on top if everything. I will be having all my parties there such a fun place.

Thanks -- you kept my mind stress free.

Nancy Eastman (Purcellville, VA) - 08/21/2014
Playing the laser tag was great fun.

Ellen Waldman (Sterling, VA) - 08/20/2014
The party host was very nice and manager on duty very helpful.

Laser tag games were fun!

Dan Farghaly (Ashburn, VA) - 08/04/2014
It was so organized and our host was excellent. The kids had so much fun!

Thank you for the wonderful day, we all loved it

Kim Young (Herndon, VA) - 07/01/2014
My son loves laser tag!

Andi Vaclavicek (Sterling, VA) - 06/13/2014
I used to play laser tag there as a teen. I know it has a great arena. It's also the closest one to our home. So we had our birthday party there.

The kids had a blast playing laser tag.

Christine Hines (Potomac Falls, VA) - 06/10/2014
My son asked to have his party with 35 guests at Laser Nation.

We had 3 helpers who really worked hard to help us coordinate everything. Very nice so that the parents can enjoy the party with the kids.

Brenda Jacobs (Ashburn, VA) - 06/08/2014
Sarah loves laser tag, and particularly loves your multi-level facility. Also, parties there are well organized and easy for the parents.

I love that your staff handles everything. I brought my own cake because Sarah wanted ice cream cake from Maggie Moos. But all I had to do was hand it to the front desk. Everything was taken care of for me, allowing us parents to take pictures and enjoy watching the fun.

Effie Hoffman (Great Falls, VA) - 06/02/2014
Laser Nation Iis where my son wanted to have his birthday party.

Everything was taken care of. On schedule.

Abby Green was a great party host!

Claudia Munoz (Ashburn, VA) - 06/02/2014
Jack, our host, was fabulous!!!

Vivian Lovern (Herndon, VA) - 05/30/2014
Convenient location, fun for boys, active party, and it included food!

The hostess was very helpful, and took care of everything.

The kids were manageable because they went inside the arena to play a game.

Therese Chesnutt (Sterling, VA) - 05/19/2014
A party at Laser Nation is easy for the parents -- and the kids had a great time.

Karuna Nag (Mclean, VA) - 05/19/2014
We came back because we had party here before and my calls for inquiry were handled very professionally and ready to accommodate.

The party was very convenient.

Dana Scanlan (Reston, VA) - 05/19/2014
The kids had a great time.

Dawn Schnell (Great Falls, VA) - 05/05/2014
Jicelly, our host was so mature and professional. Very impressive!!

Kids love it, easy and affordable for me.

Claire Silva (Reston, VA) - 05/05/2014
Our son and his friends love to play. The adults enjoy it also.

I really liked the amount of fun the kids had.

Helina Wong (Fairfax, VA) - 04/20/2014
I loved the overall experience from making the reservation to the end of the party! The staff was professional and the party room was very clean. The kids and the parents had a great time.

I believe it was George who took my reservation. He was very patient and answered all my questions. Ashley did a great job as our host. I didn't get the name of the person who greeted us and closed out our bill. He was professional and helpful.

Kelly Barrett (Warrenton, VA) - 04/14/2014
I would recommend Laser Nation to my friends!

Gwen Pride (Leesburg, VA) - 03/17/2014
We had it at a great time…

I love the unlimited drinks!

Christina Warder (Reston, VA) - 03/09/2014
It close by our house and kids like the place.

The kids had a good time in the laser tag room and in the arcade game area.

Shantelle Allen-Byrd (Herndon, VA) - 03/08/2014
He loves laser tag and I love the service for birthday parties

Abby was awesome. She kept us on schedule and she was very kind. We also ended up with most people showing up late and with 4 additional kids. She quickly adapted and was ready to go. You would have never guessed that this happened. I also liked how she helped us with the little little kds that came.

Wendy Thompson (Reston, VA) - 03/08/2014
The Kids and Adults really enjoyed the laser games!

Mahrukh Panday (Herndon, VA) - 03/02/2014
This was a cub scouts party. 10 cub scouts aged 7 yrs enjoyed the evening together. Thank you Laser Nation.

Carrie Baranowski (Herndon, VA) - 02/27/2014
My son preferred your laser tag location over Panther. He liked the maze at your location better for his birthday party.

Shawn did a wonderful job as our party coordinator … our party was well organized and all inclusive.

Robyn Verity (Fairfax, VA) - 02/24/2014
I wanted to try some place new and your staff was awesome on the phone. Customer service means a lot to me.

Our service was wonderful. Eeveryone I dealt with was wonderful!

Fatima Latif (Reston, VA) - 02/10/2014
Alberto, the manager, gave us exceptional service.

Gina Lindenfeldar (Ashburn, VA) - 02/09/2014
Connor was great - good with the kids - everything went very smoothly.

Tracee Lewis (Manassas, VA) - 02/02/2014
My son wanted a Laser tag party. I did an internet search. Laser Nation had the most affordable prices and had a great party package.

Everyone had fun. The party was fast paced. The kids were active the whole time. No one was bored. the party kept moving. It was fun!

Ellie Preta (Great Falls, VA) - 02/02/2014
I was very happy with our birthday party.

Carolina Kasper (Sterling, VA) - 01/24/2014
The laser tag room was pretty cool.

Sean Davis (Herndon, VA) - 01/22/2014
Our party was fun for the kids!

Arynn Frankenberry (Mc Lean, VA) - 01/21/2014
Laser Nation seemed like a great idea for a group of friends, reservation agents were friendly and helpful, price was best I found. I felt it was very great service and reasonably priced.

It was unique. The laser tag area was cooler than usual with multiple levels.

George and Lucia stayed to attend to us during our party. They were awesome, accommodating, and very kind to put up with a bunch of 30 year olds running around like children. They answered all of our questions, and were professional at all times. I was impressed with their service!

I think that from the first time I called for info to leaving George and Lucia yesterday my experience was fantastic. Great job.

Andre Sanchez (Sterling, VA) - 01/12/2014
We heard about Laser Nation from our daughter. The student ministry she is with went to another Laser Nation before. She enjoyed herself so much, she asked if she could have a birthday celebration there.

The fun activity for our daughter and her friends was great at Laser Nation.

Thank you for your help in making our daughters birthday celebration a memorable one.

Elise Freedman (Vienna, VA) - 01/12/2014
Our birthday celebration at Laser Nation was a great experience and Abby, our party coordinator, was very sweet.

C'ly Peterson (Sterling, VA) - 01/11/2014
Conor was our party host he was excellent. ..and the management team at the time was very helpful.

I loved the laser tag experience.

Lezlie Day (Dulles, VA) - 01/06/2014
My child chose Laser Nation because the laser tag area is bigger than other places.

Seema Ahluwalia (Sterling, VA) - 12/23/2013
My child wanted to have her birthday celebrated there.

I recommend a Laser Nation birthday party.

Traci Schmitz (Ashburn, VA) - 12/23/2013
My daughter had a field trip there with Chesterbrook Academy and loved it. She requested to have her classmate party there for her birthday.

Traci Levine (Sterling, VA) - 12/22/2013
My son chose the location for his birthday party. He had been there before.

The boys loved the laser tag.

Belinda Massaro (Reston, VA) - 12/18/2013
We liked having a private party room with flat screen scoreboards to follow the game scores!

Allison Richter (Sterling, VA) - 12/15/2013
It's easy and the kids have a great time.

I liked the variety of games and options.

Kim Thomas (Ashburn, VA) - 12/09/2013
My child chose lasertag and this specific location.

The kids had a blast and our gamemaster was AWESOME!

Jane Campbell (Sterling, VA) - 12/06/2013
I liked that everything was taken care of, and there were no surprises.

I wouldn't change a thing!

Rumana Riffat (McLean, VA) - 11/27/2013
The party room was spacious. The laser tag experience was a lot of fun.

Our host, Abby, was very nice.

Cathryn Evans (McLean, VA) - 11/21/2013
My son loved it after attending another friend's birthday.

Michelle Alexander (Chantilly, VA) - 11/20/2013
The soccer team had a blast! : -

Sara Johnson (Purcellville, VA) - 11/11/2013
Things I liked about our party at Laser Nation:

The fun factor of the laser tag games, the dedicated party host/facilitator, friendliness of staff, and value!

Very good overall experience. Thank you!

Maria Gonzalez (Falls Church, VA) - 11/05/2013
My son was very excited about having a Birthday party at a Laser tag location and your reviews were great.

Alberto was was very professional and detailed when he help me and assist me in booking my son's birthday and making sure I was comfortable with my selections. Ziad, our party host was very welcoming and make sure everyone in our party was well taken caren of, he made sure the party was a success. : - All the staff was at all times very kind and professional.

I appreciated the friendliness and execellent customer service from all the employees. Their willingness to help and go above and beyond.

Michael Montoya (Sterling, VA) - 11/05/2013
The people who worked there were excellent hosts. It was worry-free and went very smoothly!

Julia Smith (Falls Church, VA) - 10/28/2013
We had our birthday party at Laser Nation because the kids love it: -

Our helper was really great. Everything was ready when we got there.

Clifford Daly (Sterling, VA) - 10/28/2013
Our birthday party was excellent - great fun for kids and adults! A lot of exercise for all.

Cristy Goff (Haymarket, VA) - 10/21/2013
My son went there on a summer camp trip and immediately came home and asked to have his birthday party there.

The best part is the laser tag, of course.

Amy Shay (Sterling, VA) - 10/20/2013
We were served very well -- drinks and pizza and games are fun!

Nancy Csont (Sterling, VA) - 10/19/2013
Laser Nation is where our daughter wanted to go for her birthday party.

Our gamemaster/host Zeif was terrific, very organized, and kept the party going smoothly throughout. Plus he is a very nice young man. Plenty of pop, was clean, and laser equipment was new!

Zeif was indeed exceptional. The front desk staff was also very nice,

A very well run store.

David Saez (Leesburg, VA) - 10/08/2013
I believe our host's name was Zia. He was very respectful, helpful and took care of everyone.

We liked it a lot. We will be back next month on a friend and family night.


Amy Harrison (Leesburg, VA) - 10/06/2013
My daughter wanted yo play laser tag for her birthday.

The staff at your store was very friendly.

Will Deaton (Sterling, VA) - 09/29/2013
My son was happy playing with his friends.

Claudine Hanna (Leesburg, VA) - 09/26/2013
My child has so much fun playing there! And I love the fact that the pizza is included with the birthday party package.

Angela Myung (Vienna, VA) - 09/23/2013
I liked the fact that all plates and drinks, etc. were included in the birthday party package.

Laurie Hesler (Sterling, VA) - 09/23/2013
Laser Nation is a fun activity close to home.

The birthday party host we had was really helpful and very nice to the kids. He made sure on a regular basis that we were happy and getting everything we needed.

Nancy Bowes (Great Falls, VA) - 09/22/2013
I would recommend Laser Nation for a birthday party.

S Lonnie Hays (Aldie, VA) - 09/21/2013
I didn't have to do a thing!

Pritha Roy (Oakton, VA) - 09/17/2013
We came back to Laser Nation for another party because our son enjoyed the parties held there before.

I liked the convenience of hosting a party and the amount of fun the children had.

It was the easiest and best party I have hosted for my child. Thank you!

Alessandra Daigneault (Vienna, VA) - 09/16/2013
We had another birthday at Laser Nation because my son wanted to do lase rtag and we have had a few parties at your facility before.

I would recommend Laser Nation to my friends.

Anthony Fracchiolla (Sterling, VA) - 08/07/2013
My son loves it!

All gave great service!

Katya Dolecki (Sterling, VA) - 08/04/2013
Our party was very organized. It's fun!

Jacque Scholl (Sterling, VA) - 08/03/2013
My son requested his party be at Laser Nation.

I wouldn't change anything about our party. I thought it was worth it.

The party was easy for me! You did basically all the work!

Our game master was Zack. Very attentive and did his job well.

Keep up the good work

Melissa Nicholas (Great Falls, VA) - 07/20/2013
My son really wanted a laser tag party...

Jacob was very good when the kids were in the party room making sure everyone had what they needed.

I liked not having to have all the kids in my home or clean up.

Allan Liska (Leesburg, VA) - 07/15/2013
My son wanted to host his birthday party there.

Ashley was an incredible hostess! The kids loved her and she made sure everything ran smoothly.

Shana Ulvi (Culpeper, VA) - 07/08/2013
It is complete relaxation for parents giving a birthday party. The party host and staff really attended to every detail well.

The young lady who hosted our party on July 6, 2013 at 12pm...Ashley was her name, if memory serves. She was very noce, professional and thoroughly explained everything from the beginning thru to the details on the final bill.

All had a great time.

Tiffany Moore (Sterling, VA) - 06/17/2013
My daughter wanted laser Tag Birthday Party.

All parts of the party were great...

Amanda Anderson (Great Falls, VA) - 06/17/2013
Our daughter requested a laser tag party for her birthday.

Mariam Hayman (Sterling, VA) - 06/10/2013
We had our birthday party at Laser Nation because our daughter had been to laser tag parties and had enjoyed it.

Christine Sullivan (Great Falls, VA) - 06/10/2013
Laser Nation is nearby and my child wanted his party here.

Zack was great as our party host!

Heather Gay (McLean, VA) - 06/09/2013
Laser tag is a perfect activity for 10 year olds!

Our party at Laser Nation was very easy.

James Coleman (Herndon, VA) - 06/09/2013
My son enjoyed his first experience and wanted to have his birthday party there.

The staff was friendly and had a good attitude in spite of the overly excited and loud kids surrounding them.

Crista Marchant (Sterling, VA) - 05/26/2013
We picked Laser Nation for our birthday party for the price and the dedicated party host.

I liked how fun it was and how I didn't have to do anything.

Our party host was great!

Lynn Chernik (McLean, VA) - 05/25/2013
All of my son's friends love laser tag. They are all 10 year olds. So, I guess the source is from school.

The list of likes is very long. The staff was very patient and kind, the host was awesome, everyone was so helpful. Other parents said this was the cleanest and neatest laser tag site they had seen. Also they said parking was much better!

Thank you for such an awesome party for my son and his friends!

Clifford Daly (Sterling, VA) - 05/20/2013
Excellent service and it was a great time!

Abdur Rahman (Leesburg, VA) - 05/19/2013
I would recommend Laser Nation for a birthday party.

Carol Dove (Centreville, VA) - 05/13/2013
The kids had the best time!

Tina Ellington (Suitland, MD) - 05/01/2013
We had our party at Laser NAtion because it is where she wanted to go ... she has already been there before.

Your mangers are very good!

Laura Gormley (Vienna, VA) - 04/30/2013
My daughter wanted to have a l laser tag party for her 10th birthday and it seemed like the best deal.

Jessica Summer (Fairfax, VA) - 04/30/2013
I liked that my son had a great time!

Dan Piszker (Herndon, VA) - 04/29/2013
The fun is built in. The kids were never bored.

Our hosts were very attentive to our needs and made the event run very smooth.

Dana Lacy (Great Falls, VA) - 04/24/2013
I liked that the boys could run around like maniacs ... and you worked it so they could all be on the same team.

Thank you!

Brad Close (Leesburg, VA) - 04/21/2013
Your arena has a good maze!

Robin Handy (Herndon, VA) - 04/21/2013
I would recommend a birthday party at Laser Nation.

Ellen Macdonald (Reston, VA) - 04/16/2013
I love that everything - laser tag games, pizza, drinks, paper goods - were included in the price.

Our host was George; very nice, attentive to kids and us, really seemed to genuinely care that we had a good time!

Vern Joel Hardt (Sterling, VA) - 04/15/2013
My son chose Laser Nation for his party.

I especially liked the cleanliness of the room.

Everything is handled. Serving and clean-up.

Daniel and Lucia gave us exceptional service!

Susanna Milton (Reston, VA) - 04/07/2013
After going there for an afternoon activity, Bryanna thought it would be a fun place for a party.

Laser Nation has lots of activities in one place.

Thomas Lee (Herndon, VA) - 03/24/2013
What I liked:

Screaming children running around, having a great time, and making a ruckus--and they weren't in our house!

Lucia did a great job attending to us.

The kids had a great time!

Lauren Kastner (Herndon, VA) - 03/24/2013
My son attended a birthday party at Laser Nation and loved it. I offered a few places to pick from but he kept coming back to Laser Nation.

It was well run and the boys had so much fun. Our party host was wonderful.

Clare Rockefeller (Reston, VA) - 03/22/2013
I liked the ease of planning- able to enjoy my kid on his birthday - instead of the stress of hosting.

Tyler was a great party host- Very respectful, kind, fun, and hard working.

Heidi Warrington (Great Falls, VA) - 03/17/2013
I wanted a party that would be fun for both boys and girls and that could accommodate a large group.

Having the party hosts coordinate everything -- made it a very easy party to have!

Alicia Heishman (Herndon, VA) - 03/02/2013
We came back for another party because of our great experiences before. We have had hosted many parties there before.

This was our second year with Selwyn being our party host. He was fantastic. Very respectful and available. We were glad to see him again.

Kim Douglas (Reston, VA) - 02/25/2013
This is where my child wanted his party.

Our party helper was very attentive and helpful.

Martina Bullock (Leesburg, VA) - 02/24/2013
We had our oldest son's party there Aug of 2012. So we came back again for another party.

I liked the smiles and all the fun the children had!

Thanks to all of the wonderful staff who assisted us yesterday, Feb 23, 2013 :-)

Bobby Daniels (Capitol Heights, MD) - 02/22/2013
It was a good physical activity that creates competition and you simply have fun with it.

Ashlyn was the best host! I would request her again if I came.

Thank you! We will be back!

Jean Ling (Great Falls, VA) - 02/16/2013
I liked the lack of stress, no clean up or planning.

Our party host, Lucia was very good.

Stacy Maguire (Sterling, VA) - 02/15/2013
The kids had fun.

Lesley Breddy (Great Falls, VA) - 02/11/2013
My son had attended a friend's party before Christmas and wanted to return there for his party.

No mess or fuss!

Nancy Richard (Manassas, VA) - 02/10/2013
We decided to have our party at Laser Nation for the price per person and what it included.

Shari Hardy (Sterling, VA) - 02/10/2013
Easy no mess party!

Tracy Yoder (Aldie, VA) - 02/03/2013
The service was wonderful ... thank you for a birthday our son will never forget!

Clarisa Mudimbu (Herndon, VA) - 01/22/2013
he host and all the staff were great and very helpful!

Shannon Heindel (Sterling, VA) - 01/21/2013
My son asked for a laser tag party. I would recommend a party at Laser Nation.

Michelle Karman (Sterling, VA) - 01/20/2013
My daughter wanted her party there.

I liked the The communication and friendliness of the staff.

A great time was had by everyone!

Jaimee Conner (Leesburg, VA) - 01/20/2013
We wanted Laser Tag and it was a good price for the party package.

The entire staff was very friendly and helpful.

The kids had a great time.

Rose Schaffer (Ashburn, VA) - 01/20/2013
We have played here before, so we had our birthday party here.

Catherine Kelly (Leesbutg, VA) - 01/17/2013
Our host was very helpful and made sure everything was going well.

Thomas Merrill (Great Falls, VA) - 01/13/2013
Laser Nation was where the party girl wanted to have the party

Everyone working at 10am on Saturday morning was excellent.

Rachel Longino (Herndon, VA) - 01/07/2013
It's a good facility for a winter birthday party. The kids love it!

Most of all, the kids had a great time. From the parents' point of view, we enjoyed having an attentive and competent party to host to make sure everything ran smoothly. Also appreciated the communication from Laser Nation regarding party confirmation and information.

Shallon Hartke (Reston, VA) - 01/04/2013
Our host was fantastic.

Jeff Hurlich (Sterling, VA) - 12/27/2012
It was well organized. We had a great party host - Selwyn - . Parents playing for free was a lot of fun.

My son and his friends had a great time!

Dietlind Kiewel-Denecke (Herndon, VA) - 12/18/2012
A Laser Nation birthday party is what our son wanted.

I liked no mess at home!

Nancy Costello (Great Falls, VA) - 12/17/2012
My 7 year old - the birthday boy - loves laser tag and had a great time.

He has been to several parties there and wanted one of his own.

Marcus was our lead guy and very nice and very attentive. We were one of the first parties of the morning and the whole staff was very friendly throughout the whole process. Two thumbs up for them.

Ronda Syring (McLean, VA) - 12/17/2012
Laser Nation is a great value and lots of fun for the kids.

Selwyn was our host and he did a fantastic job with 20 energetic boys.

Leah Cabral (Sterling, VA) - 12/16/2012
My son enjoyed the party that he attended.

Alicia Thomson (Reston, VA) - 12/10/2012
Nakita did a great job with our party and she really made everything easy for the parents, taking care of the necessary details. I also appreciated her friendliness and willingness to work with our party!

We had a great experience and would definitely book another party here. Thank you!

Dana Bressette (Ashburn, VA) - 12/09/2012
Our son had a great time at a Laser Nation party in October. So we had our party here.

The kids had a great time and the event went off without a hitch.

Harald Struzyna (Sterling, VA) - 12/09/2012
We liked the games and the overall fun. Everything was great!

David Womack (Herndon, VA) - 12/02/2012
My son wanted to play Laser Tag for his 9th birthday. We had celebrated many parties at your facility.

Everything is done there....Pizza, drinks, plates, etc! It's all complete. All I had to do was bring my specific cake and the kids!

I don't remember the name of the Manager on Duty at the time - Sterling, Sat, Dec 1st, morning - but he was sharp, focused and lead his team in supporting all the parties. Also Lucia - our party hostess - was very nice, focused on our needs, helpful, friendly and professional. She said she had been there for only 3 months but she was squared away!

Also the whole team at Sterling was professional! Great attitude! Not a lot of goofing off! Focused on the kids and their safety and fun! Good atmosphere! They all did great!

Terry Dwyer (Fairfax, VA) - 12/02/2012
We came back for another party because we had a great time last year for a birthday party.

The kids had a great time.

Keep up the good work!

Clarisa Nyereyemhuka (Herndon, VA) - 11/26/2012
Laser Nation has a friendly staff ... and the kids had fun!

Nancy Casares (Sterling, VA) - 11/26/2012
The staff made us feel extremely welcome and valuable. Thank you Laser Nation for a great party!!

Stephanie Sefcik (Vienna, VA) - 11/19/2012
My daughter has been to several parties at LN over the years and chose to have her party there this year.

It was a good value and Ashlyn was a terrific host.

Carys Dannenberg (Reston, VA) - 11/19/2012
The kids loved it...

Cheryl Gardner (Leesburg, VA) - 11/18/2012
My son wanted to play Laser Tag for his Birthday. Everything about our party was very good.

Marcia Caler (Sterling, VA) - 11/18/2012
It was so easy...and affordable.

Geeta Rajapurohitan (Chantilly, VA) - 11/18/2012
Our party at Panther was fun!

Erik Tuininga (Sterling, VA) - 11/17/2012
We selected Laser Nation for our birthday party because of the good word of mouth we heard.

Rohini Mylavarupu (Sterling, VA) - 11/17/2012
Selwyn and George are terrific employees. They were great!!

I liked the fun factor!

Laurie Morris (Sterling, VA) - 11/16/2012
Our party hostess was on top of things and amazing! Very polite!

I liked that 12 teenagers were not at my house wanting me to entertain them.

Mari Monserrate (Great Falls, VA) - 11/14/2012
Staff was very professional, courteous, friendly, and great with the kids. Our party host was exceptional.

Karen Rutland (Herndon, VA) - 11/12/2012
My son LOVES laser tag and loved the his friend's birthday party!

The kids had a BLAST! It is really fun for the kids all around.

Rebecca Gravett (Reston, VA) - 11/05/2012
Our party host, Ashlyn, was great!

Attique Qamar (Broadlands, VA) - 11/04/2012
Dominique , our host was very nice and displayed a friendly attitude. Front desk manager was polite and courteous as well.

Overall, kids really had a lot of fun and the time flew by fast.

Tiffany Moore (Sterling, VA) - 10/22/2012
Our daughter wanted to do Laser Tag for her Birthday.

Our party host, Ashley was wonderful.

The party was easy on the parents. It was great.

Thank you!

Medhane Habte-Mariam (Herndon, VA) - 10/22/2012
We had our party at Laser Nation because our friend's kid had his party there...

Our party host, Tony, made us feel at home!

Keep up the good work. I am sure we will see you very soon. I cannot tell you how happy my kids were.

Tricia Hayes (Sterling, VA) - 10/18/2012
My son wanted his bday party there. I had my daughter's party there a few years ago and it was a lot of fun.

i liked the friendly staff. All the kids had a blast!

Penney Mai (Sterling, VA) - 10/15/2012
The kids had a great time and also had fun with the arcade games. I love having everything done in one place. I also love that you let people bring their own cake and balloons if desired.

I can't remember the name of our host, but he was very attentive and did a great job.

We have held two birthday parties at the Sterling location now and both times we were very satisfied.

Thank you!

Jenelle Langen (Sterling, VA) - 10/09/2012
Laser Nation is a fun activity, reasonably priced, and close.

The kids liked the laser tag. I really like how they showed the kids a video before the laser tag.

Genette Boyle (Vienna, VA) - 10/08/2012
It was very thrilling, the arena was well put together and we really liked our host, Selwyn - He was great! Very efficient, polite and laid back enough to feel comfortable. He and the crew there let us take pictures a month ago for my daughter's invitation.

We have already recommended your place to a friend of ours who is having a party in April.

Torry Verrill (Ashburn, VA) - 10/02/2012
My son wanted to play laser tag and chose Laser Nation as his preferred location.

The package was great. The boys played two games and that seemed to be the perfect amount. The party moved quickly and there was very little waiting.

George Price (Fairfax, VA) - 10/02/2012
We go to Laser Nation for the convenience, and fun!

Amanda Holz (Sterling, VA) - 10/02/2012
We had our party at Laser Nation because the kids asked for it...

Karthika Siva (Oak Hill, VA) - 10/01/2012
I would recommend Laser Nation for a birthday party.

Kevin Kellenberger (Reston, VA) - 09/30/2012
We've been coming the past 4-5 years and our son and his friends always enjoy it.

Our Game Master, Selwyn, was fantastic!!! He really ensured that our group had a great time.

It's easy!

Anne Firsching (Sterling, VA) - 09/23/2012
A party at Laser Nation is fun for the kids, and easy for me!

It's a great place to go for a large group.

Mary Bell (Sterling, VA) - 09/17/2012
We would recommend Lazer Xtreme for a birtghday party.

Melinda Ryan (Ashburn, VA) - 09/09/2012
My son loves it. Three years in a row for his birthday.

It's a perfect party.

Richard Teel (Sterling, VA) - 08/26/2012
The kids all had a great time and the staff were very helpful and friendly.

We had a great time. Thank you

Friendly Nelson (Ashburn, VA) - 08/24/2012
The children had a great time!

JoAnn Musselman (Ashburn, VA) - 08/21/2012
My son came to Laser Nation last year with his daycare. Since then, he has asked for a laser tag party.

It was nice to have someone "hosting" rather than me running around trying to make sure everyone was attended to.

Ashlyn did a wonderful job. She was very polite and attentive to everyone. She was a pleasure to have host the party. I would request her for next time.

Amanda Anderson (Great Falls, VA) - 08/21/2012
Our party was easy! I liked not having to do anything, clean up, etc.

Selwyn was an excellent host!!

Kevin Donlan (Herndon, VA) - 08/11/2012
The host was very good...

My kids had a good time.

Michele Verity (Great Falls, VA) - 08/11/2012
My child went to a Laser tag party and wanted to have the same for his birthday.

Our party host, Selwyn, did a great job and was a super nice guy!

Tricia Saunders (Manassas, VA) - 08/06/2012
Ben was a great help...very courteous and spoke directly to birthdy boy...very attentive to our needs.

The kids had fun in the arena!

Kadri Kallikorm-Rhodes (McLean, VA) - 08/05/2012
We liked the fun arena, and good customer service from the game host...

Heather Wisnieski (Gainesville, VA) - 08/04/2012
My child attended a party there and wanted to go to that location for his party.

Our party was timely and organized.

Selwyn was a very attentive host and game master.

Stephanie Glasser (Ashburn, VA) - 07/23/2012
My son asked to have his party here.

Our party host was fantastic.

Annie Schuette (Sterling, VA) - 07/15/2012
Everything is taken care of from food, drinks and entertainment.

Please recognize Ben. He was very attentive to us and my daughter. He had terrific manners and very personable! You should have more employees such as this fine young man. You could tell he's a hard worker too!

Tazkiya Smith (Reston, VA) - 07/15/2012
It was so easy! I am at a very busy point in my life right now. My kids birthday parties are usually huge affairs with lots of coordination and space rental and guest etc. Right now with my busy schedule it just wasn't an option, but I could not have been happier than I am with Laser Nation as an alternative.

Your employee, Selwyn, went above and beyond to accommodate my family and guests. He was very attentive, very polite, very professional in both appearance and demeanor and always a step ahead of me. I can't say enough good things about him-he is truly an asset to your establishment.

Everything was perfect! Selwyn was outstanding and I am so happy I did this!

Peter Leonard-Morgan (Purcellville, VA) - 07/01/2012
Nine 11 year olds were entertained doing what they love and getting fed ... and I didn't have to clean up after.

John LaMorte (Great Falls, VA) - 06/25/2012
Ben, our host was fantastic. He really made the party easy and fun.

Thomas Ferrick (Vienna, VA) - 06/25/2012
We had our party here because my son loved the activity when he attended his friend's party.

The laser tag games were an active way for the kids to have fun together.

We received exceptional service from Zack.

Heather Carskaddan (Great Falls, VA) - 06/22/2012
We would recommend Laser Nation for a birthday party.

Rachel Kim (Sterling, VA) - 06/19/2012
My daughter wanted a fun birthdday party that both boys and girls would enjoy.

I liked the fact that I didn't have to do anything. Also that the parents got to play for free.

I really liked Helen who was our party host. She was super attentive, friendly and very accomadating. I also liked all the other employees because they were very friendly.

Sammar Butt (Herndon, VA) - 06/18/2012
I would recommend Laser Nation for a birthday party.

Glenrose Poyah (Fairfax, VA) - 06/17/2012
Tony was an exceptional employee at Laser Nation.

Halle Datko (Avon Lake, OH) - 06/10/2012
The employees there were great!

Holly Walker (Great Falls, VA) - 06/05/2012
Our son had such a fabulous time at the other birthday party he attended that he wanted his birthday party at Laser Nation.

The staff had everything planned-the timing, the food delivery, the games. The tokens were helpful in keeping the kids occupied when they first arrived. And, of course, the kids--especially the birthday boy--loved playing laser tag!

The gentleman who took care of our party did an exception job. Every time I turned around, he was filling my beverage or ensuring the kids had what they needed. He was organized and attentive.

Thank you! We had a great time!

Golda Troycheck (Fairfax, VA) - 06/04/2012
My kids love the place. It's great!

Martin Cohen (Vienna, VA) - 06/04/2012
Sam enjoys laser tag and that's what he wanted to do for his party with friends.

We didn't have to be in charge! Everything was well thought out, planned, and executed.The boys had fun.

Glenn was attentive and did a good job as host. He kept us on schedule.

Glad to see the facility is brighter, cleaner, and not so loud as I remember from several years ago. You are organized. I liked that you have candles, a cake cutter, a lighter, etc. Someone thought everything through!

The party went well. Thank you!

Joan Kennedy (Reston, VA) - 05/23/2012
My son chose laser tag over bowling or mini golf for his birthday party.

Larisa Novoselsky (Sterling, VA) - 05/21/2012
I would recommend Laser Nation for a birthday party!

Melanie Lewis (Winchester, VA) - 05/21/2012
It is so easy for us, and fun for the boys. We don't have to bring any food if we don't want to - although we often do - , and you handle the clean-up.

Our host Mike was terrific!

The new management is obvious and appreciated. Since we've been having parties here for so many years, we see the difference in improved employee service and morale, and in the cleanliness and decor of the facility. Thank you!

Julie Albanus (Herndon, VA) - 05/15/2012
The kids, of all ages, really enjoyed the games.

Ben was great with the kids.

Bonnie Simmons (Herndon, VA) - 05/09/2012
He had so much fun at the last party he wanted to have his party there!

I want to thank the whole staff. My son's grandmother came and she is in wheel chair. Three guys who worked there came out to help her and open the emergency door enterance so she could get in to the party room directly. Thank you all so much!!!

Conté A. Yates - 05/08/2012
Thanks for your wonderful customer service you provided today. We appreciate greatly the discounted offer Mr. Rahim was able to extend to our agency. The at-risk youth who will be the recipients of tickets, due to their increased positive behavior, will be forever grateful. Due to their low socio-economic status, many of our clients could never afford the wonderful opportunity to participate in a pro-social activity such as laser tag. Not only does the ticket serve as reward for their behavior, it also increases their skills of teamwork and strategic planning.

It really means a lot to know that others care for our youth as much as we do! We thank you for joining us in our mission to improve the lives of those who are in need of extra support. We believe that through our interactions, we are creating better citizens and impacting the greater community. For your convenience, I have attached a one page outline of our services that we offer, free of charge to all of our clients. If you would like to know more about the services our program has to offer and the youth that we serve, I would graciously make myself available.


Conté A. Yates, MSW, ICPS Senior Prevention Intervention Specialist Loudoun County Division of MH/SAS

Todd Dudley (Ashburn, VA) - 05/07/2012
Great layout, fun for the kids, easy all-in-one option for a birthday party.

Susan Goodwyn (Reston, VA) - 05/06/2012
Our party was very good. I would recommend Laser Nation.

David Phillips (Fairfax, VA) - 05/02/2012
We had our party at Laser Nation because my sone likes laser tag!

Owen Silva (Reston, VA) - 04/30/2012
Our son loves to play laser tag.

Our party host, Zach, was very helpful.

Marnie Hesson (Purcellville, VA) - 04/29/2012
Laser Nation was something different!

Erin Schultz (Reston, VA) - 04/15/2012
My daughter chose Laser Nation for her birthday party. I would recommend it to my freinds.

Anne Bergman (Silver Spring, MD) - 04/03/2012
I picked Laser Nation because of your excellent reviews.

Nick and Chris were both great. The game masters were very attentive.

Awesome service!

Gwen Secorsky (Sterling, VA) - 03/29/2012
We chose laser nation because our child likes laser tag. Our party was easy and our host was great.

Thank you for making our son's birthday a great experience. We are very impressed with the Sterling Park location.

Lisa Applegate (Great Falls, VA) - 03/26/2012
I liked the remodeled facility and our host, Ben!

Laser Nation is my son's choice.

Becky Kohm (McLean, VA) - 03/26/2012
A laser tag party was something my daughter had never been invited to but my sons had. She thought it would be an age appropriate thing for a 13 year old.

We liked our party host, Ben.

Veronica Corbin (Sterling, VA) - 03/26/2012
The manager and my party host were both INCREDIBLE. They did a great job.

All I had to do was show up!

TIffany Bishop (Sterling, VA) - 03/26/2012
A Laser Nation birthday party was my daughter's choice.

Our party was very well organized.

Mariah at the front desk was awesome! Very friendly and explained everything! Also very willing to help.

Ben was our host and he was extremely attentive. Wouldn't let us moms do a single thing. He kept everything running smoothly.

The whole party ran very smoothly and the entire staff was very professional.

K. Tait Micklus (Centreville, VA) - 03/19/2012
Tony was our party host and we would like to recognize him for exceptional service.

Larry Huffman (Great Falls, VA) - 03/18/2012
Our host, Ben, was excellent and very attentive. Just a pleasure to work with.

Karen Sherfick (Ashburn, VA) - 03/11/2012
Our daughter loves Laser Nation!

The girls had fun.

Ray Vanhilst (Reston, VA) - 03/05/2012
I liked the ease of having the party. Everything was taken care of with one easy phone call.

Everyone on site did an amazing job. Great friendly staff from first call until we left.

Lavern Schulz (Chambersburg, PA) - 03/05/2012
We had our party there because you offer a complete party and entertainment event with little requirement for parent interaction..

Justin was very patient and customer-focused on the large number of very energetic 11, 12, and 13 yr old girls.

Thanks for a great time that I didn't have to clean up after.

Steve Mullins (Great Falls, VA) - 03/02/2012
Your folks were awesome on Saturday night. Good employees!!!

Louise Kehoe (Fairfax, VA) - 02/27/2012
My son has had his last two birthday parties there and loves it.

Meeta Johnson (Sterling, VA) - 02/27/2012
This was our third party!

Your staff is very patient and polite.

Brian Bernett (Leesburg, VA) - 02/19/2012
I liked the service. It was nice as a parent not having to wait out front and receive guests, or having to serve guests the whole time. I really enjoyed the party host and it allowed me to have fun with everyone else.

I also liked the emails before the party explaining what to expect. This helped a lot. Thank you.

Our party host, Ben, was the best!!

Marguerite Selton (Great Falls, VA) - 02/19/2012
It provides structure and great activities for the kids.

Both our hosts were great!

Derek Barros (HERNDON, VA) - 02/14/2012
We liked the price and arena design.

Jinie Kang Kang (Ashburn, VA) - 02/14/2012
Laser Nation had a friendly staff!

Shari Hardy (Sterling, VA) - 02/13/2012
Laser Nation is fun.

Mariah and Justin, our party host, were exceptional.

Yujiang Zhang (Springfield, VA) - 02/12/2012
Ben, the party host, was excellent.

Jean Ling (Great Falls, VA) - 02/07/2012
Our party was hassle free.

Our party host, Ben, was very attentive and effective.

The kids loved it.

Julia Bradt (Herndon, VA) - 02/06/2012
We had our party here because my son has attended birthday parties here previously.

Everything was well-coordinated and taken care of and we were able to enjoy the time with our son and his friends.

Ben, a high school senior who was our party host, was a pro! He took time to get to know the kids, kept them listening to him - not always easy with 13 year olds - , and enforced great, safe behaviors while still ensuring that they had a fun time. Most of the kids even thanked him at the end of the party!

For my part, he was a pleasure to have with us, taking care of all of the details, anticipating our needs, and doing it all with a smile. I find it rare to find the kind of customer service that he provided in this area. Great job!

Caroline Chepkwony (Silver Spring, MD) - 02/06/2012
Our party at Laser Nation was a very good value.

Tammy LaGrange (Chantilly, VA) - 02/05/2012
I would recommend Laser Nation.

Sheryl Ligon (Sterling, VA) - 01/24/2012
We went to Laser Nation because my daughter specifically requested it. In fact, she has wanted to do one in the past.

I liked that there was not too much down time, so they could socialize but not get bored.

I am terrible with names, but our host was great as was the manager and everyone else.

Mariana Valdes-Fauli (VIenna, VA) - 01/24/2012
Everything was the best!

Liz Margiotta (Vienna, VA) - 01/17/2012
Ben was great as our party host!

Diane Lowenthal (Vienna, VA) - 01/17/2012
I would recommend Laser Nation.

Meserake A. Zegeye (Herndon, VA) - 01/16/2012
I would recommend Laser Nation to my friends.

Karan Meixner (Herndon, VA) - 01/16/2012
Our party was well organized.

All of the employees were very good.

Tracey Brooks (Sterling, VA) - 01/15/2012
We have had parties there before and our son loves it.

No clean up and set up.

Tony was our host and he was very good.

Janet Johnson (Fairfax, VA) - 01/15/2012
My son had just gone to a party there and loved it. It's what he wanted.

I liked that the party and mess was not at my house.

Tony was our host, and he was very friendly and helpful, eager to get us whatever we needed. I felt a little guilty sitting there while he served us our food. : -

The kids really had a great time, and so did we as the parents. Thank you for all your help!

Tracie Hase (Reston, VA) - 01/12/2012
All the employees were friendly.

Jason Baird (Leesburg, VA) - 01/09/2012
We had another party at Laser Nation because we had a good time last time.

I like the amount of stuff for our kids to do there.

Ben did a great job as our party host.

Susan Warner (Great Falls , VA) - 01/09/2012
The staff was excellent - they took care of everything. They even helped kids who were struggling with the games.

Yvette Montoya (Sterling, VA) - 01/09/2012
My son has been before for birthday parties and on several different occasions with his dad. My son requested that his party be there.

Zach was respectful, kind, professional and overall and joy to have as our party host.

It was fun for all the kids; having a party host take care of everything.

Hernan Oliva (Herndon, VA) - 12/20/2011
We had our party here again after having one here last year.

Natiya was our party host and she was fantastic!

Hernan Oliva (Herndon, VA) - 12/20/2011
Our party host, Natiya, was fantastic!

Nancy Lew (Herndon, VA) - 12/16/2011
Laser Nation seemed ideal for an eleven year old boy. A friend had her son's party there.

Chris, the manager, provided exceptional service.

Deborah Beland (Fairfax, VA) - 12/04/2011
The laser tag arena was excellent. The size and layout was deemed "the best" by our teens.

Elizabeth Petersen (Powder Springs, GA) - 12/04/2011
I loved our party host, Ben!

John Molnar (Purcellville, VA) - 12/03/2011
The kids and a few dads really enjoyed it very much. They had a great time.

Wendy Pan (Great Falls, VA) - 12/02/2011
I would recommend Laser Nation to my friends.

Deborah Chapdelaine (Sterling, VA) - 11/16/2011
We've been to many Birthday parties here, to include my own son's twice. It's what little boys like to do... My son requested it.

You guys set up the room and clean up after. I don't have 10-20 screaming kids in my house. For this, I THANK YOU, FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!!

Jessica Martinez (Herndon, VA) - 11/14/2011
We had our party at Laser Nation because our son requested it. This was his first time and he definitely wants to go again.

I liked the friendliness of your staff and great price.

Tony (our host) was great!

Laser Nation is a great place to bring the kids to burn off some energy.

Ronald Leow (Reston, VA) - 11/13/2011
Convenient location, nice place, nice service.

Kitty Klaus (Sterling, VA) - 11/08/2011
For the past 8 years Ultrazone/LaserNation has given the Girl Scouts an awesome opportunity. We have thus given them our repeat business.

I didn't get their names but Chris and his staff last night were awesome.

Bonnie Gregory (Leesburg, VA) - 11/07/2011
My daughters loved it.

Kathleen Gosa (Sterling, VA) - 11/07/2011
My child wanted to go there after going to a friend's party. OUr party host was very helpful.

Doris Bushrod (Aldie, VA) - 11/04/2011
I liked the all-inclusive deal for birthday parties.

Justin was an exceptional party host.

Rick R. - 11/04/2011
I like the Friday and Saturday night deal where I can drop the kids off for $14 and they can play all night. They have fun and it's cheaper than a babysitter!

Silvia Arevalo (Sterling, VA) - 10/31/2011
My son had his birthday party here last year, he enjoyed it very much. He chose to have it here again this year.

Mary L Fox (Arlington, VA) - 10/30/2011
My son requested a party at Laser Nation.

You guys made Phillip happy!!! He really enjoyed his party.

Mariah and Selwyn gave us exceptional service.

Brenda Wolberg (Ashburn, VA) - 10/25/2011
The laser tag was fun for the kids.

Susanne Lendman (Reston, VA) - 10/25/2011
I liked the ease of entertaining 10 boys, and having everything done for me.

Cindy Watson (Great Falls, VA) - 10/17/2011
Laser Nation is a fun action activity for boys and girls!

We love the new guns!

Sam Longsworth - 10/17/2011
I could never throw a party at my own home this cheap!

Stephanie Jones (Reston, VA) - 10/02/2011
This is the kids' #1 pick for a fun night out.

Brenda G. - 09/29/2011
All the moms in our group love being able to drop the kids off at Laser Nation knowing they'll be safe and have a lot of fun. Plus, laser tag is easy on our budget...

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