Inclement Weather Policy

A lot of planning and preparation goes into creating a great party experience for you. We come in early and prepare for you, even on snowy days. It is very rare that we will close and cancel your party.

We are usually open even when school activities and community centers close

In the very rare case that we must close due to SEVERE weather conditions; it is our policy to charge you for the party you have scheduled, but provide you with a 30 day store credit and allow you to rebook your party.

We will communicate with you by email in the event we close our arena.

We are very good at communicating with our customers. In the event that we do need to close for safety reasons, we will send you an email to advise you. You are also welcome to call us to confirm your party or rebook.

*Our inclement weather policy also applies to any other events that may cause our store to be unable to open; such as utility outages, storm damage, fire, etc.

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